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Get the Most from Your Deposition with Realtime Reporting

The transcript of a deposition is an invaluable resource in the discovery process as you plan your litigation strategy and prepare for trial. But your time is limited, and the value of the deposition is limited by how well the transcript is indexed and how easy it is for you to find the information you are looking for. While we provide deposition transcripts in electronic and paper formats that are fully indexed and readily searchable for all relevant keywords, there is an even better way. Realtime reporting gives you access to the transcript on your own computer as it is being laid down by the court reporter. This technology enables you to create bookmarks and annotations in the moment as it happens. Whether you need to adjust your deposition strategy on the fly, or simply need to make the absolute best use of the deposition later in planning trial strategy, Realtime reporting gives you the tools you need.

How Realtime Reporting Works

People talk faster than other people type, and in order to keep up with the pace of a normal conservation, court reporters and stenographers use a shorthand format in order to create a verbatim record of what was said in a trial or deposition. The stenographer’s notes must then be carefully reviewed and transcribed to create a fully-readable text so that it can be read and understood by the attorneys requesting the transcript. This takes time, and while the court reporters at Anderson Reporting Services are able to turn around a transcript within hours or days following a proceeding, this lapse of time creates a distance from the actual event which does not provide the best possible or most useful transcript for the attorney.

With Realtime reporting, computer software completes the task of translating the reporter’s shorthand into English text in real time. Rather than waiting hours or days for a transcript, a witness’ testimony is available to you seconds after it is spoken. Even more important, the transcript can be sent to your computer, laptop or tablet with wireless (Wi-Fi) technology, so that you can review the transcript as it is being created. Additional features allow you to add your own notes directly onto your copy of the transcript, which can prove invaluable for following up your examination or cross-examination in the moment, or to maximize your time when you review the transcript later at your office. Your entire litigation team can have access to the transcript as it occurs and immediately and seamlessly communicate important points to you. There are even apps available that allow you to receive the transcript on your iPad, iPod, iPod Touch or other iOS or Android device.

Go With the Experts in Jacksonville Realtime Reporting

Anderson Reporting Services specializes in accuracy in Realtime reporting. Helen Anderson completed the first civil realtime trial in Jacksonville in 1998 and has done several Realtime trials since then. She performs Realtime reporting with an accuracy rate between 99.6% and 99.8%. Realtime reporting is an incredibly powerful tool that transforms your deposition and trial preparation in a way previously unheard of. Put the power of Realtime reporting to use in your next deposition or trial by calling on the experts in Jacksonville Realtime reporting. Contact Anderson Reporting Services at (904) 358-0112, or schedule a depo online to reserve our services.

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